Past group exhibitions 

Peckham24 2019 - Brightrooms. Peckham Levels.  

D.I. - direct input - Muddy Yard, British Columbia, Canada 2018

The Great Divide - OVADA, Oxford, UK 2018

D.I. - direct input - Muddy Yard, Wimbledon, London, UK 2018

Reclaim Photography Festival - May 2018 

URL Love - Muddy Yard, Brixton, London, UK 2018


London Institute of Photography - June 2018

Red Rolled and Seen, Bright Rooms, Peckham Levels, London March 2019. 


Saatchi Gallery - START fair - London 2018.

The world’s largest signed and numbered limited edition artwork by Dan Eatock. Whitechapel Gallery, London. - 2003. Part of the group which numbered the artwork for this world record on location at the gallery. 

Finalist LensCulture Black and White award. 

The truth is that Dawn is essentially a huge photography geek and an artist. She expresses her geekery, philosophy and​ slightly odd and sometimes beautiful view of the world in photography. 



Dawn Parsonage is a photographic artist, found photography collector and filmmaker based in London.


She often calls photography her religion and has been a collector for over 20 years. She works with her collection in its own right as well as creating her own contemporary photography.


Her archive has grown to over 10,000 photographs, stereocards, negatives and magic lantern slides spanning the first 100 years of photography. All her photographs are carefully chosen to give a new and unexpected insight into the past. She is fascinated by their humour and emotion, which illuminate both the image's social context and our common humanity across nearly two centuries. Her unique and compelling collection shows that we are not as different from our ancestors as we might think.


Dawn's work is often inspired by her collection - sometimes subtly, celebrating the freedom and spontaneity of snapshot photography; other times more directly, mirroring styles, techniques and the photographic language of the last 180 years.


Playful and beautiful, her unique images toy with the viewer, forcing them to look deeper and rewarding them. On second look, her images are often surreal or contain hidden stories.


Her understanding of photographic history combines powerfully with her artistic eye. She uses photography to express her love and philosophy of the art form, and wants to share photographs as an experience for all. Her ultimate aim is for the images to ignite an emotional response in the viewer - and for them to feel like they’ve discovered something, both about photography and in what it is to be human.


Here interest in emotions is a particular obsession. She looks to capture the true mood of myself or a moment. Emotions can be at their most elusive when the camera appears. 


Dawn is currently concentrating on her first solo exhibition - The Boring Exhibition, June, London.

And naturally, mortality is a fascination. Its inevitable that in the end we will all mainly be remembered through photographs.  


Featured on the BBC, Metro Newspaper and Pretty Nostalgic Magazine among others. 

Ex Director/Creative at the BBC and Red Bee Media.

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