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I'm very proud to announce my collaboration with


Blvck Vrchives was launched and created by Renata Cherlise during the summer of 2015. Blvck Vrchives has evolved from a photo-based website of visual narratives, into a collaborative platform featuring archival histories and modern-day stories from across the African diaspora.

Through this platform, Cherlise's mission is not only to counter mainstream narratives, replacing them with collective memories of everyday life shared through fictive kinships, but to also document everyday life to preserve the spaces of future narratives. 

I'm working with Cherlise to share my archive, so it can become part of this narrative. 

My collection is the first acquisition to Blvck Vrchives initiative.  A section of found photographs from my archive will be made available for research and editorials.  

This collaboration gives the community of artists, historians, writers, and researchers, the ability to reclaim lost images and un/recover histories.

On a personal note, I am very pleased that this collaboration is soon to become live. I've collected these images over 20 years and it seemed a travesty to simply have this section of my achieve sitting in a box unseen. The selection includes snapshots of day to day life as well as bigger historical events such as the Boer War and  Cotton Plantations in Mississippi in the 1920's. 


I realised early on that Cherlise and I share a similar ethos about the importance of anonymous photography, so I knew early on that this was the right platform for the collection.





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