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I'm very excited to announce the launch of my collection boxes, created in association with Open Doors Galleries.


Each box is filled with original found photographs along with a bespoke story, book and magnifying glass.

The core of my practice is that I believe snapshot photographs are precious and to be treasured - These boxes finally present them in the way they deserve. 

The aim is to allow the viewer to understand what it's like to collect these often overlooked photographs. The mystery, the stories created and the feeling of responsibility, all gathered together in a lined wooden box. I want the whole experience to feel personal and unique. 

I've spent the last few months gathering these photographs from flea markets across the UK and have curated them into imagined stories and lives. 

People who know me will be surprised that I'm selling any of my collection, but this project is something very close to my heart indeed. 

Please visit the Open Doors website to see inside each box and own your own.

The boxes are limited to an edition of 20 and are £150 inc. Shipping worldwide. 

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