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Goodbye BBC Television Centre


In 2013, I was working in-house when the iconic BBC Television Centre was sold to be developed into flats and private offices/studios. The only part which was Listed was the central "doughnut" – the rest was scheduled for demolition. 


Television Centre, which opened in 1960, was the first purpose-built television studio in the world. As a child it simply was the BBC to me, and while working there I'd grown to love the building – its hallways smelling of schools, the 50's signage, the underfunding starting to show in its mish-mash of buildings. In its heyday it was a one-stop shop for television production, a socialist idyll which was slowly chipped away over the years until its eventual demise.

As the closing day approached I began to worry that the odd little nooks which I'd grown to love would not be documented. So, over the final evenings before the sale was completed, I explored the almost-empty building, which was now only populated by a few engineers and security guards. 

This is my love letter to a monument in arts history in its last days. TVC, I salute you. 

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