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Poster - 'Woman with Bangs'

Poster - 'Woman with Bangs'


'You have been here and these things remember you'.


Woman with Bangs

c.1940s, USA, Kodachrome, anonymous.

Poster size: 420 × 594 mm (A2)

Paper: Silk 250 gsm.

Open edition.


Poster of a found photograph from my collection, 'Woman with Bangs'. The original photograph was found in the States and is a red bordered Kodachrome slide.


The series of posters ‘You have been here, and these things remember you’ have been created as a exploration of my philosophy of found photography.


I want found photographs to be displayed and appreciated in the same way other forms of art are consumed. As posters they are accessible to a greater number of people, lining the walls where people may usually show a poster of a Monet or Arbus.


Anonymous photographs are can easily be overlooked, quickly viewed as mere ephemeral, amateur, follies. Without the hook of a famous name they lack validity and the invitation to consider the image on a deeper level.

But if we take a moment and treat them in the same way you might an image from a named photographer, then we are rewarded. Often taken by someone known to the subject, we discover images which are intimate, filled with emotion and which speak of the quiet truths of what it is to be human.


Here I present a series of these found images from collection, and present them in a new light, to giving them centre stage.

  • Postage

    UK P&P - £5

    Worldwide - £18

  • Delivery

    Royal Mail First Class and Express Courier available

    N.b Royal mail is being pretty slow at the moment, but your poster will be sent first class. 

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