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Jamie Johnson - Photographer and collector. LA.

So I have been traveling now for 50 days around the world on my photographic pilgrimage - I feel like Phileas Fogg sans balloon.

When I embarked upon this trip I aimed to meet as many people I could with an interest in collecting photography or in traditional forms of photography. With each person I discover what and why they collect or chose traditional methods and take their portrait. Some from my instagram account FoundPhotoUK and some via recommendations from the people I meet.

Directors of the Penumbra Foundation and photographers themselves: Molly Rapp, Geoffrey Berliner, Jolene Lupo. NY

50 days in I’ve met 16 people and have many more meetings lined up. Over the coming months you’ll see a each separate piece about each of them on my site. I’m so excited to share each story with you. Each person has had hugely varied reasons for collecting, and vastly different paths to how they got to this point.

Tarrah Von Lintel - Photographic gallery owner LA.

My word, I could talk for a long time about what I’ve discovered so far, but in the meantime I wanted to share a few of the portraits before the separate stories which are likely to take a while to write. As you might imagine, it s a bit of a task! But a glorious one!

There are many more to come and this is only a fraction of the people I’ve met. Each image celebrates something about their collection as well as themselves and I can't thank everyone enough for there help so far!

On my travels I’ve not only taken portraits of the new people I’ve met, but also my friends who I’m visiting. So here are a few of those for your perusal.

Anna - LA

Alice - LA

Adam - Boston

Right! Onwards and upwards in my invisible balloon I go!

Until next time!

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