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Unfamiliar - 2020


Burgess Park Peckham, April-June 2020 

Deal, August 2020

C-Type Kodak Duratrans, presented in a lightbox. 

When you are in the same house, walking in the same park, surrounded by the same things it’s hard to see them anymore. There is no shock of the new, no big revelation. I wanted to escape by re-seeing the everyday. 


I have a large collection of found photography and photographic equipment, and I looked to this to see what I could compile to give me a new view of the world. 


The system I’ve been experimenting with is employed entirely in camera with a mixture of lens-based filters. This is exactly as the camera saw it. And as I walked around the park looking through the layers of glass it looked like a completely new world. The most mundane of spaces became the most


fascinating. I feel like I have unearthed a hidden other world within Burgess Park - a place away from Covid and the tragedy of what’s happening. I genuinely feel more free.

As lockdown has eased, I’ve continued Unfamiliar beyond Burgess Park. Now I can venture out of London once more I have broadened my search - seeking the overlooked across the UK. 

Judges choice - Fix Photo Festival 2020

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